Sunday School

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One way we seek to inspire children’s faith in God is through our Children’s Sunday School, which takes place at 9:30 and 11 A.M.  We have great volunteers who love God and are excited about helping your kids to have a life changing relationship with God.  Teachers start accepting children 10 minutes early (9:20 or 10:50).  Click here to see where your child’s class is located.

You will place your children in class based on their age on September 1, 2017 (like a school).  For example, if your son is currently 4 but was 3 on September 1, 2017, he will be in the 3’s class.  Elementary students are placed based on their current grade.  This system allows children to build relationships with their peers and teachers since kids (except those transitioning from the nursery to the 2’s class) changes classes at the same time.  If you want your child to try a different class, contact Pam Jenness to discuss this possibility.


The nursery (Room 102) is for kids ages 2-23 months.  Our nursery volunteers love to help kids experience church as a safe and happy place.  You will be asked to sign your child in and out and to let us know about any allergies.  Your child is welcome to stay in the nursery for both services (for example, if you attend the worship service at 9:30 and volunteer at 11).

Preschool & Elementary

Each class (age 2 – 5th grade) has leaders who will engage your kids with a Bible story using The Gospel Project for Kids.  This curriculum engages the kids with God’s Word and reinforces it with activities (discussion, crafts, games, videos, etc.).  As we cover the stories of the Bible, we seek to inspire children’s faith in God.  That means we focus on things like God’s love and grace and how the story has relevance to the children’s lives.  Each week your child’s teacher will give you a card that shares the main idea and connects the Bible story to Jesus so that you can talk with your child about what they learned.

We serve water with goldfish or graham crackers as a snack.  Please inform the class leaders if your child has food allergies.  You are welcome to bring an alternate snack for your child.  Your child can stay in his or her class for both services if needed (for example, if you attend the worship service at 9:30 and go to a class at 11 and feel like your child isn’t ready to join you in the worship service yet).  To help keep your children safe, you will be asked to sign your child in and out.  Your first week you will also be asked to fill out an information card for each child.

Click here to see where your child’s class is located.  To get from the worship center, nursery, or preschool classes to the elementary classes requires going outside and up a small flight of stairs.

Questions about Sunday School or want to serve?  Contact our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Pam Jenness or our Pastor of Family Ministries, Jeff Harrison.