Membership at Northwest Community Church

What makes membership “different” than just attending & participating?

We welcome ALL to fellowship with us, to worship with us and to serve with us. You need not be a member to participate. However, if you desire to become a member, you will be making a very important commitment. This commitment will enable you to fulfill certain roles in the church and to participate in church votes that determine the direction our church moves.

Membership at Northwest is a commitment to:

  • Christ – Membership is for those who have placed their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation
  • Love & Serve – Membership is for those who agree to invest their prayers, their energies, their time and their resources to serve the mission the Lord has given us to fulfill here in Northwest San Antonio.

In taking the step of commitment involved in becoming a member, the church and the prospective member are saying, “We’re in this together!”

If you are ready to make the commitment to membership, contact the church office (680-3041) or speak with any Elder to let him know of your interest. You will be contacted quickly to set up a membership interview.