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Special Events

We occasionally have special events designed to inspire children’s faith in God.  Over the years this has included things like Family Growth Gatherings, Vacation Bible School, and one night events.

Check the home page of our website or the worship program on Sunday morning for information on upcoming special events.  If you’d like to get involved serving or have an event idea, contact our Children’s Ministry Assistant, Pam Jenness or our Pastor of Family Ministries, Jeff Harrison.


Baby Dedication

At Northwest Community Church, we do not practice infant baptism.  We have baby dedications, which take place in our worship service.  A baby dedication is a public declaration that you intend to raise your child in a way that invites them to believe in Jesus and grow in their relationship with God.  The congregation will also declare their intention to support your efforts to raise your children in a Christ-like manner.  To learn more, contact our Senior Pastor, Dave Smith.